artfool nr 4/2013










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In the summer 2013 I converted more than 20 old paintings to something else. I got rid of them in an ecological and economical way: I  mounted them with the back side out and started anew.


When I needed bigger canvases than my discarded paintings offered I sewed two or three together. This is necessary to do with sewing machine as the canvases must be well stretched. One result of my labours was that the motor in my sewing maching lost itís bearings and I had to get it mended by an expert. Another result is inspiring material to work on.



I sew the good parts of discarded paperpaintings or other kinds of coloured material onto these canvases with embroidery thread. If the paint not is laid on thickly it is fairly easy to get a sharp needle through, especially through acrylic paint. I have even embroidered text lines and short stories, one is the five-piece tale about the princess who was turned into a mouse.


I am enchanted both with the technique and the results and cannot stop. I had to rearrange the furniture at home to get a good place for this kind of working.