It´s fun to renovate but much work

There was no fantasy in the garden: low cut grass everywhere, a big syringa bush, a tree with red flowers and a high hedge. Now the grass has grown high, lovely dandelions spread sunshine everywhere except where I have chairs and tables.

As this part of Arvika has been a sea, the soil is full of clay, heavy and cold, but with lot of nutritious substances. Around my new veranda I have built flowerbeds out of lecablocks. Here in the warm soil my plants thrives: roses, rosebeans, Indian cress and bushes with eatable berries.

Besides me snails live here, good ones and Spanish ones. Insects liked my dandelions but liked as much what I have plantet. A few varieties of birds and butterflies. But also a couple of hedgehogs and a visiting badger.

I bought a house in Arvika in November 2018 and moved in March 2019. I immediately started renovating to change the house according to my taste and needs.

The house had sunk 18 cm in one corner but former owners had prospered anyhow. But I and my friends got seasick.

That my house is built of timber made the heave easy for master builder Eriksen. I have two chimneys and it was necessary to lay them bare all around from the cellar to the roof so the house could glide easily upwards.

Eriksen fastned seven big pieces of timber vertically on the outside. Under these he used jacks for the lift. To fasten these timbers he bored 21 holes all through the outer walls. Many of the holes got personality.


I, and competent carpenters, have afterwards had a lot of work filling up floors, roofs and holes. But the result was worth all the work.

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