artfool nr 2/2011





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Cutting lino is congenial: the picture develops slowly and as every cut is important I constantly have something to ponder over. Shall the cut be straight or bent? Deep or shallow? How much shall I cut away?


A first difficult question is whether it is better to cut the motive negative or positive. In the lino to the left (Dog with man) I could not choose but did both in the same picture, although with some changes between them.


Assuredly the cutting puts a strain on my right hand, but with elastic bandage, stalls for my right forefinger and middle finger plus a soft cover on the handle I can manage. It is my left hand, especially the thumb, that runs the risks as it is easy to slip into that thumb. So one of mother’s discarded gloves protects my left hand.


The starting point for the lino cuts “Dog with man”, the now ongoing “The Master Ma”* is the shadows of sculptures made from steel wire, paper and plaster. Under "Dog with man" you see my tools and "The Master Ma" in progress.


I like the lino cuts made by the Danish graphic artist Palle Nielsen. The exposition catalogue from Grafikens Hus 1997 about “Palle Nielsen” is rich in pictures. (Acta Grafika 2. Ed.: Jordi Arkö.)


* “The Master Ma” is my translation of the title  “Mästaren Ma”, a book written by Willy Kyrklund.