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artfool nr 2/2011


Sweet somethings: Roses, happy children and sunshine. Summer without worry, at worst an ant that creeps along or a spider who wants to participate. Small pictures on white linen with embroidery thread, some of it metallic. Stem stitch and satin stitch, running stitch and French knots, even sometimes Beijing knots.


To label a work “sweet” is to reject it from the art world. So I do not admit that I like making sweet things, but state that I explore the concept of sweetness. When my exploration in this field has given results I will describe them here in Artfool.


Artists declare nowadays that they “explore”, a description of their work which places artists in the category of adventurous and famous men together with Kublai Khan, Fridtjof Nansen, Sven Hedin and Fernão de Magalhães. Artists tend however to describe their exploring process instead of their results.

The mirror: height 33 cm.

Embroidery 1: height ca 20 cm.

Nr 2: height ca 15 cm.

Nr 3: height ca 20 cm.

Nr 4: height ca 12 cm.