artfool nr 1/2011


- This is your goodbye to painting, declared my analytical friend when she saw the piece shown left (Wood piece 1). She was wrong: I have done many paintings since.

Is she right in that Wood piece 1 has a meaning? It is a found piece of sawed building timber, splintered and rejected. To this I have nailed piles of cut up failed paintings.

I didnít plan Wood piece 1. My hands found the piece of timber and forced me to buy nails, fetch a scissor and select paintings from the heap of miscarried ones. I do not know why I had to cut the paintings into such small squares. It made hard work to force the linen squares with thick layers of acryliq painting onto three inches nails. An awl became necessary as well as flat-nosed pliers.

I do not know what Wood piece 1 stands for. In art school students in such situations are encouraged to do one hundred works in the same style or way to find the meaning. I have done three more, but since then not found any more timber or other kind of base that awoke my interest. 

Below you see Wood piece 3.



Wood piece 1 is 41 cm high, Wood piece 2 is 46 cm high and Wood piece 3 is 25 cm high in upright position. 

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