nr 2/2012                                      



What should be named ”abstract art” is discussed intensively; as "abstract" are described everything from paintings with a distinct motif although not realisticly represented, to paintings that are non-figurative. I find it useful to term art that has started in something virtual but has ended in more or less non-figurative as abstract: the artist has cleared away the unnecessary to present only the essence which for painters often are only what has interesting forms or colours. My paintings here are not abstract, but non-representative. They have started out of nothing.




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I couldn’t guess that these paintings should end like this when I started working on their canvases. They are not planned, there are no sketches and no explanations of either work process or end product.


In some cases the paintings found their forms directly, in other there are unnumbered layers of rejected paintings under. I do not know why some paintings cry ”ready!” after half an hour, while others make years of trouble.

In all these paintings I used acrylic on canvas, sometimes also with oil pastel in the lines. The painting above is 140 cm long, the others about 80x60 cm.