Ingredients in my medicines 2011 (using mostly Swedish words): Acetylsalicylsyra, akaciagummi, allantoin, aluminiummagnesiumsilikat, bensetonklorid, butylhydroxytoluen, cetylalkohol,dimetikon, dipyridamol, estradiol (estradiolhemihydrat), etocylerat lanolin, fenetylalkohol, flytande lanolin, fruktossirap, gelatin, glyceroltriacetat, gul järnoxid (colouring E172), hydroxipropylcellulosa, hypromellos, hypromellosftalat, isopropylmyristat, kalciumkarbonat, kandesartancilexetil, karmelloskalcium, kiseldioxid, krospovidon, laktosmonohydrat, lamotrigin, lågsubstituterad hydroxipropylcellulosa, magnesiumstearat, magrogol 6000, majsstärkelse, metakryl-metyl-metakrylatsampolymer, mikrokristallin cellulosa, minkolja, natriumstärkelse-glykolat (typ A), pivmecillinamhydroklorid, polyoxyetylenoleyleter, polyoxyetylenstearyleter, polysorbat 60, polysorbat 80, povidon, povidon K30, röd järnoxid, sackarin, sackarinnatrium, for better taste: prune, sorbinsyra, soribtanpolymer, stearinsyra, sterkuliagummi, svartvinbärsarom, talk, titandioxid (färgämne E171), triacetin, heavy magnesiumsubkarbonat, water, vinsyra. So now you now what I have been hit by!

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An imposing goblet evokes associations to horns of plenty, to chalices and drinking life. Even my goblets refer to abundance and life, but they are the goblets of the pharmaceutical industry.

Today many Swedes drown their sorrows in the dregs of the drug industries’ alluring goblets. Medicines seem to flood our population with the help of the medical institutions, a flood payed dearly for into the accounts of the pharmaceutical industry.

And when we have eaten our medicines we urinate the surplus into the drainage so now roaches and pikes takes medicines against dejection and high blood-pressure.

In medicin history snakes has positive connotations: the Greek god of medicin, Asklepios, had a staff with a snake coiled around. The Swedish National Encyclopedia claims that it is snake's talent to change skin that has made them ”symbols for rebirth and life” (NE 1993, my translation). The snake coiling around one of my goblets is a poisonous one that can change into the guise of a non-poisonous snake.

With every package of medicine follows a detailed leaf telling us what to do when we have forgot the medicine, or taken to much, and which enumerates all secondary effects that can hit us if we belong to the 1 of 1.000, or the 1 of 10.000 who are hypersensitive for any of the ingredients.


I have used such leaves for these goblets made of papier-machê. As medicines after all gives many of us life my goblets do not only refer to the negative, but the secondary effects are there as dregs or something hidden in colourful wrapper.


The turquoise goblet is 48 cm high, the blue one 20 cm and the other two are 42 cm high.