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I am ashamed of my instinct to reduce greengrocer as a professional field by lifting out the aesthetic experience the shop owner offers and move it to the supposedly higher and more valuable sphere of art. When a task is judged well done it has aesthetic qualities and this is true for all professions.

There are aesthetic expressions outside art as well as inside, there is art without  aesthetic values, sometimes because the artist does not seek such expressions and occasionally because the artist is not able to do aesthetic work.

I photographed this small greengrocery in October 2010, and am delighted that it, according to friends in Hammamet, is still there in January 2015. Whether it is thanks to or despite the revolution I do not know.




















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This little greengrocery in Hammamet, Tunisia, is tasteful in two ways: the combination of colours and shapes is beautiful, i.e. aesthetic, and all goods are tasty; there is no tainted or rotten vegetables, no unsuccessful meeting of colours, no flaw in the entirety. Few persons has such ability to combine thousands of details and numberless tints as this grocer in Hammamet. I praised the owner saying:

- Vous Ítes un veritable artiste!

But now I wonder why I did not say:

- Your are a real greengrocer!