nr 1/2012





- Shall I name it ”The Church” or ”The Factory”, I pondered when I was going to exhibit the object on this web page. This object is one of many examples of how dependent my works are of the material available: I made this in a work shop arranged by the Textile Museum in Borås, and in which the museum offered a lot of material for free, material of a kind I never had had at home. This object developed naturally but without any planning – I was as astonished as everybody else in the work shop.


My ideas for the name focused on the highest part, whether a tower or a chimney – actually it is the turtle neck of a wrongly washed woollen jumper. At last I decided to call it “The Church”.


In the exhibition the name met opposition. One visitor who examined the object intensively for a long time burst out:


- It is not a church, it is a sexual outrage!




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