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At last:

my books about the lives of, and conditions for Swedish middle class people between 1800 and 1960 is published!

The title is "Landscape of Disappoint-ment". It is a documentary narrative; all those featured have lived and worked in Sweden during my chosen period. All worked hard from childhood, and managed a fairly secure life until middle age. But many of them was later hit by bad luck, sickness, poverty or changes of society due to industria-lization. In those times without welfare state they had no option but just work on, and on, and on.

What you see to the left is the version based on my text (A5 format, 413 pages). I have also published a version in A4 with lots of illustrations: photos of landscapes, objects and persons, governemental documents etc.

The A4-version has 285 pages divided into two books. Both versions have 1 358 foot notes to my sources of facts and feelings.

If you want this completly Swedish book you have to contact me via email The A5 version costs 200 SEK plus transport costs, and the A4 version 500 SEK plus transport costs.

Exhibition in Not Quite May1 until July 3

Ewa Adamsdotter Pettersson and I exhibit in the artist's collective Not Quite in Fengersfors in Dalsland. Ewa shows paintings and a video. I display historical documents and artifacts in an attempt to discuss what we can learn from history.

You find more information about Not Quite, where I am a member, on our website. You will find this summer's exhibitions, opening hours and much more.

Renovating houses starts with destroying.

Master builder Eriksen bore 21 holes all through my walls to be able to heave it 18 cm up in one corner. Many holes got personality. I explain more about my house projects during 2019 and 2020 on a special page.

We planned to finish our Långedprojekt with a great concert on Saturday September 18 in Dals Långed. But this project do not want to end, which is the fault of the Corona virus. The symphoni orkestra from Norway was not allowed to meet, so they could not pratice. Instead Peter Halvordsson with three musicians gave a small concert as a teaser for the big concert we now plan to 2022.

Region Västra Götaland had three groups of artists in residency for whom the Region did not have arenas. Luckily for us these groups choose to perform in connection with our project. So the Saturday evening was full of music for the 65 in the audience.

We put up material from our four exhibitions in the now empty halls of Rexcell paper mill. On clothing lines we pegged descriptions of all houses where entrepreneurs have worked. Working shoes from Stålex and Stilex showed the audience the way to the concerts.

You find more material about this happening on Långedprojektet, which is a artistic and social project with start in the documentary.

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