I got five new paintings ready before our big regional arrangement Open Studios in May (2015) and got a sixth, that I have been working on for a year, to behave nicely. That my painting functions well now is thanks to our project around a threatened paper mill in Långed, and our efforts to document the life in Långed and present theresults in exhibitions, a book, sound installations and a concert, all during autumn 2015. As I now have society relevant artistic work to do, I can also paint non-figurative just for fun.

My new works are unlike each other, but that is normal. Three are painted on masonite left in my house by the former owners, who had a shop nearby for paint and perfume. They have used those masonite boards to try out colours, or get paint out of brushes, so the boards already have structure and grounding. I paint on the smooth side as I use oil pastels over the acrylic colours, and the crayons make dots instead of lines on the other, grained side. The boards are about 74 x 57 centimeter each, sometimes with a corner sawn away or scraped off.

The biggest painting (100 x 140 cm on canvas) shows a village in the alps after an avalanche has rolled down, said a visitor during Open Studios. This visitor found hope in the undamaged houses left beside the avalanche.

Since last summer a painting of a small cove in one of our lakes are trying to emerge. This first version shall be strictly figurative, as a training program to force myself to use forms, meetings of colours and a richness of details that do not come naturally. When this first version is ready I shall paint another freer.

I do not know what the last new painting depicts, but I like it. It is done with acrylic on canvas and its size is 105 x 53 cm.

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