I have been forced to learn many unexpected things because I accepted an invitation to exhibit in New York: about temporary export, customs rules for artistic works, how to pack paintings for transportation and the costs for this. It is lucky I am interested in administration as I have used at least two weeks in total for this.

The gallery recommends enormous amount of bubbel plastic, so I bought a roll. I do not know where in my home I shall store it. I used a lot but the roll is still big. The gallery advise against pillows and clothes as packing material.

I also used a lot of tape, even though I did not hide every inch of the cardboard. The tape rolls had the same size before start.

As I am going to exhibit in Agora Gallery in New York I have tried to follow their tips in an film. It was not easy as no company could sell me a box in the right size although my paintings not are that big. So I was forced to make a box myself.

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"Export" is when we send things outside the EU. When exporting one does not have to think about the VAT, but on the other hand one must learn about custom rules for sending artworks. The transport companies are helpful - every one I have phoned have been charmingly patient.

Sending artworks for an exhibition is temporary export as one does not know if the works will be sold; if not one must have the package's ID-number or one has to pay the custom to get one's own works back. One has to measure the works before packing, as the custom and/or the transport company need to know the weight and size of every single artwork, their prices and material. For temporary export one has to formulate a proforma invoice in four copies and attest in an special document that one has made one's own artwork oneself.