Three prints from the series ”Notations” hung close to the Installation. Some visitors asked to my consternation where I had found these lines, i. e. from where I quoted. For me it goes whitout saying that everything in works I exhibit is my own work, and I had not stated that I am the author of these poems or aphorisms. I really do not know how to state this fact without seeming ridiculous.

When I buy pellets (wood fuel) for my central heating I get miles of transparent plastic from the wrapping, which I cannot bring myself to throw away. But how can one use all this material? One alternative is Rope object 3, which one friend found beautiful.

The exhibition in Bengtsfors 2015

In January opened my first single exhibition in a community art hall, the art hall of Bengtsfors. It is a light small hall in the same house as the library, the municipality council’s big meeting room, and the senior high school. ”Narrspel/Fooling around” was my title and one ambition was to show works where I have included texts written by me.

The window wall is difficult as the space between windows are narrow and the light from outside dazzle. And some unthinking electrician has placed a control for the Venetian blinds in the centre of the wall opposite. Every exhibitor must relate to this button:  I choose to give it a big place, as an ”Installation”.

My fairy tale in five pieces about a princess hung to the left of the entrance and was thereby planned as an end to the tour around the exhibition. Quite a few visitors found it distressing, or even beastly. One visitor was satisfied that he had begun with this tale as his tour that way ended with "happy" paintings.


Embroidered on part 1 is: "The princess is at home. That is why she is invisible." On part 2: When the princess is at home, the house is unlocked. She does not know that she ought to lock the door." On part 3: "- Someone has squezzed in, whispers the princess." On part 4: "- What does she whisper? - What cannot be told. - If it cannot be told, it does not exist. Not. Not. Not?" On part 5: "but it transformed the princess into a small mouse in a grey hole."


”Only gentlemen” is an unfinished attempt to highlight the relation between religion, money and patriarchate. In Sweden a lot of important decisions are said to be taken among men in the sauna. I exhibited this attempt because I wanted something of current political interest.

Of the same reason I during the weeks before the exhibition painted ”What the star shone on at Christmas 2014”. This work consists of four rosecoloured panels with drawings of bettler's positions on. In Stockholm I passed fourteen bettlers during a 30 minutes walk. Some of them stood in such subservient positions that I was angered.









Bengtsfors’s municipality bought the painting ”Red for Arne”. I painted it on a course in Salerne, France, organized by the founders of the art school at Gerlesborg, Georg Suttner and Arne Isacsson. I was in Suttner’s group painting acrylic, but heard from pupils to the aquarellist Arne Isacsson that he had stated: ”One can not paint with red colours.” I got so provoked that I used nearly only red colours in ”Red for Arne”. On our exhibition on the last day of the course I told this story to Arne Isacsson who got indignant: ”I never said that”.

To my happiness and surprise a few was interested in my nearly invisible white embroidery on an old white pillow-case:

Beyond the horizon nothing.

Nothing here either.

Only the line exists

the border between that which is not here

and that which is not there.

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