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Uncle 5 years old. Uncle's father in the kitchen. Uncle was longing for the sulphur odour ever since he moved to bigger towns. It evoked his childhood.


The post card on top is written in 1913. I do not know when the other two views are photograhed, but probably during 1920-1930, i.e. during my uncle's childhood.                                                                                                                                                                                    


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The Oil Tank on Svanö

This oil tank has some local enthusiasts cleaned on the inside so it now can be used for music concerts. I admire those who manage to carry through such projects.

The acoustic properties are special with very long echo. I visited it with the course in sound art that I have taken this spring at Hola folkhögskola in Ångermanland. My microphone caught lovely sounds, but I will not be able to have soundworks ready for our Open Studios in Dalsland in the end of May.

Svanö is an island in the river Ångermanälven were the forestry industri was vigorous, were the houses for workers were more than full, were the sulphur odour was felt everywhere and the upper class had a good life. To the last group my uncle's family belonged.