artfool nr 4/2014

These three prints were not planned as compilations, but are the resultas of some experiments:

1. to start working with a printing technique built on photosensitive metalsheets,

2. to economize with the metalsheets and my work as I have to buy a whole sheet every time, I put many different originals on the same sheet although they were planned as separate prints,

3. to try putting my short texts into my prints.


To make prints using photosensitive metalsheets is simple and relatively clean; the producer of the sheets states that the use of them do not harm the environment. The starting point is signs on a transparent material: engravings on glass pieces, prints on OH-film, Indian ink on something transparent. I have used photos, texts and drawings. If the original were in colour I have let the computer turn it into grayscale or black and white.



The transparent film one places on the photosensitive sheet in a box where the whole is lighted under vaccuum. In a second round one puts a screen on the metal sheet, before developing in lukewarm water. Then one rinses in cold water, dries the sheet and at last cures it the box. Now the sheet is ready for normal intaglio printing.

During the last weeks I have made six prints using this technique, and it has been great fun. My ambition was not to make those big compilation but to cut out the respective pieces to separate prints, but as I liked the compilations I have printed a small edition of each. I have started cutting up and using the parts, but that is not as easy as I thought. 


The prints are all 35x64, except the middle one which is 35x52 cm.


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