Detail of big poppy.








Nature as such I find difficult to capture on a photo. It is easier to capture the tracks of humans or our radical transformation of the environment. Those photos are often more interesting in form and colour. Those two below show Stockholm.



In the wood near my home hundreds of zink buckets for night-soil are thrown away in a huge heap. It happened a long time ago so the buckets has corroded and moss now partly hide this dump. Probably those buckets were used in the latrines by the houses for the workers in the nearby metal industry.





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I have an endless number of photos of nature – places and details – taken as starting points for paintings. But until now no paintings have started from these memory-pictures. Sometimes the photo is so good that there is nothing left to say.


More often the photo lack the emotional heat that the experience had with sounds from insects, birds and cars, the fragrance from warm woodland or the freshness from snow. Especially I miss nature’s combination of profound quietness and a lot of small sounds. I have tried to paint in a way that would rewoke memories of smell and sound when looking on a picture, but have failed. One way today would be to install electronic devices procuring actual smells and sounds, but I have not the competence for this. And would it be intressant outside a pedagogical project for townspeople?

artfool nr 4/2014