Five ceramic knots was on show on silk in this exhibition. Three more stayed at home for our Open Studios in May.



May 1, 2018, I and Tommy Andersson opened our exhibition at the artist's collective NotQuite in Fengersfors, Dalsland. Our room, the Oceanhall on the third floor, is a big rough room that hade thick paper in front of all windows to keep the light out. As Tommy is a painter he naturally wanted light. After long discussions about lightening we opened up the windows instead and got a beautiful room.

We had the concepts freedom and resistance as themes. For me that meant working with nets, making such ones out of sewing thread or cloth. I also made knots out of clay. These I showed in glass cases lined with silk.

I make the net out of thread, film it and show it.

Todays expectation that I shall network with all and everyone gives me claustrofobia. I feel caught, forced into mainstream of thinking and behaviour.

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