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A period of hard work now:

Two exhibitions in May, 2018

On May 1, 2018, I and painter Tommy Andersson open our joint exhibition in the artist collective NotQuite in Fengersfors, Dalsland. We have got a vast room, very dark. My ambition is to do bigger works than before, and use clay and rope. Our joint themes are freedom and resitance; my own works will center around nets, networking, catching with nets.


Our biggest challenge will be the lightening, especially of Tommy's paintings.

Colourful paintings in the atelier of Tommy Andersson, a close-up of my working nets and I filming the result.

Open Studios in Dalsland May 10-13 2018


I also have to make new works for our regional Open Studios; during these I have 100-150 visitors in my workplace, alias my home. As usual we are around 50 artists and artisans who open our studios and workshops for visitors 11-18 each day. All participants are presented on our website.

A great honor:

"Network" on show in Shanghai!

Thanks to cooperation between two Swedish organisations for print artists, curator Waverly Liu and The Space Gallery in Shanghai, People's republic of China, one of my prints will be shown in Shanghai during May 2018.


Gao Jie och Arys Shen from The Space Gallery visited Sweden together with Waverly Liu in March. They rummaged among all the prints Swedish printer have deposited at the two artistdriven organisations Grafiska sällskapet in Stockholm, and Grafik i Väst in Gothenburg. Result: they chose 70 prints for an exhibition at The Space Gallery in May. One of the prints choosen is "Network 1".

I call these prints "plastic film prints", because what I rub printing colour on is plastic parts sewn together with normal sewing thread. I can print 7-10 times before something breaks. No print is like the other as figures and threads fall differently on the paper each time.

Next projects:

participate in two summerexhibitions with artists collective NotQuite, which both poses questions around the concept of motherlands: who decides who has a motherland, do we need motherlands, what do we associate with this concept. Read more about this on NotQuite's web.

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