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No Open Studios

for me this year...

I am now living in Värmland, which means that I cannot participate in Open Studios in Dalsland anymore.

... and with

the Långed project!

The Långed project is an artistic and social project that starts in the documentary. For the third time we will participate in GIBCA Extended, which is the regional part of Gothenburg International Bienale of Contemporary Art. We will arrange an exhibition in Gallery Olika in Dals Långed during the weeks 41-42. Perhaps we will also execute some sound art.

In early spring 2020 our second book about Långed and the central business, the paper mill Långedsverken, will be printed - but first we must write it!

... but much to do during summer at NotQuite!

As a member of the artist's collective NotQuite in Fengersfors I have invited collegues to exhibit with me as producer.

In the exhibition "Dialogue" participates six artists: Sigrid Sandström, Mark Frygell, Jerry Williams, Kent Karlsson, Tommy Andersson and Mikael Fagerlund. "Dialogue" opens June 8.

Habib Alraii opens his exhibition "He died of torture" on July 13.

All members of NotQuite participates in an exhibition during August, so also I. Read more about all this on NotQuite's web page.

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