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I participated in two summer exhibitions at NotQuite, an artists collective in my region. The theme for both exhibitions was the concept of motherland, fatherland - each language has it own word. I focused on the question of "My country" and on the wish to forbid begging. You can read more about these works here.


Exhibition with prints at

Munkedal August 24 - September 13


You can see some of my prints at Munkedal, and some works of Rolf Gustafsson. It is a difficult place for prints as it is in the entrance of the Munkedal's administrative center, with a lot of informative signs, a sculpture and three textile works bought by Munkedal, with chairs and tables, and in these days place for voting for our parliament and local political groups. On the photo below you see works of Rolf Gustafsson in the foreground.


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© All rights reserved. Artfool & Lena Adamina Waldau. Info:

Member of Bildupphovsrätt