This issue: December 15, 2017


Next issue: April 1, 2018

A period of hard work now:

Two exhibitions in May, 2018

I also have to make new works for our regional Open Studios in May 10-13 2018. As usual I, and around 50 other artists and artisans, open our studios and workshops for visitors. All participants are presented on our website.

Knock on the door

to Tunisia.

These knockers on a door in Hammamet signifies that two families with children live here.

May 1, 2018, I and painter Tommy Andersson open our joint exhibition in the artist collective NotQuite in Fengersfors, Dalsland. We have got a vast room, very dark. My ambition is to do bigger works than before, and use clay and rope. Our joint themes are freedom and resitance; my own works will probably center around nets, networking, catching with nets.

For the second time our local artistic and documentary project, Långedprojektet, participated in Gothenburg International Biennal of Art (GIBCA), which has a section for us outside Gothenburg, called Extended. The theme of GIBCA was Secularity, and in Långed we questioned if capitalism is a religion. As usual our work start in the local and documentary but broadens the discussion.


As responsible for our exhibition during October 2017 and our contacts with GIBCA, I had a lot of (fun) work during summer. One item in the exhibition was the beautiful flag belonging to the union in the paper mill, Långedsverken, that is the focal point of our project. It is made of silk and painted on both sides. On one side it states "Organization is power" and on the other: "Do your duty. Claim your rights".


Working with words again!


I am writing my first book. It is fascinating to write such a long coherent text after twenty years of journalistic writing. This book project leads me to new fields of knowledge, to new documentary books. I have learnt to search in archives and have got goals for trips in Sweden - I would like to give the book all my time but I always start other new interesting and absorbing projects ...


Anyhow: it is nice to have a lot of interesting things to do!

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